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In line with SDGC research activities, we also offer a series of educational programs to enhance the potentials for the company's innovation-driven sustainable development. Below are a few examples of our ongoing programs:


Innovation and Sustainability Leadership Program

Designed to enhance the potential for enterprise success, our leadership programs integrate discussions of innovation driven sustainable development, leadership practices, business development strategies and related issues. Leadership building has become one of the core issues for the enterprise to survive. Issues such as how to adapt the corporate strategy for a sustainable development, how to develop a global perspective in response to globalization, how to improve the knowledge management and learning capacity to keep up with rapid and dynamic social change, and how to improve teamwork in order to enhance the overall competitiveness force, have become a key issue to the success of every leader.

We believe that a healthy global economy requires a healthy environment. Successful business enterprises will recognize the opportunities and constraints that arise from the need to sustain the global environment while meeting society’s aspirations. They will build competitive advantage by being nimble, broad minded, innovative, and adaptable. SDGC Leadership Program is to provide a platform for executives to enhance their leadership, and to help them using a more innovative and sustainable thinking to develop their business.

SDGC Creativity and AI University Program

The SDGC Creativity and AI University Program is a unique opportunity for university students to be at the forefront of rapidly growing AI technology, crucial for sustainable development and global competitiveness. Through the Let'sMOD platform, this program merges creativity with artificial intelligence, enabling students to create immersive 3D experiences, or MODs, using innovative Generative MOD AI. Launching on December 18, 2023, it provides early access to the first 100 students from each university on a first-come-first-serve basis. The program includes a Featured MOD Program to celebrate creative achievements in MOD design. Resources are available on the Let'sMOD Discord, fostering a community of innovation in digital experiences. For more information, please see here.

Youth Leadership Program

We recognize that the development of leadership and creativity begins at a very early age, soon after the experience of discovery. SDGC invites groups to organize visits to Stanford for workshop programs that range from 3 to 7 days. The visit would allow students to focus their thoughts on their leadership development, and explore the Silicon Valley environment. The following features are the key components of each program.

  • Creative Energy: Explore your creative energy capacity and levels. Exercise your fast-thinking creativity to develop it into a personal strength.
  • Problem-solving & Innnovation:  Work in teams mentored by instructional staff to develop ideas into problem-solving products or processes. Learn techniques in brainstorming and prototyping that lifts ideation to idea-sharing and demonstration. Experience an innovation framework from concept to roll-out.
  • Sustainable by Design:  Learn about design and engineering approaches to sustainability, and the role of creativity in promoting or challenging sustainable standards as it affects personal lives.
  • Teamwork & Team Building:  Look at the mechanics of assembling teams, and then getting teams to work together. Consider the issues involved in team communications and performance.
  • Leadership Intelligence:  View leadership excellence as the product of the combination of knowledge intelligence with emotional intelligence.
  • Your Personal Story:  Learn about the importance of composing your personal story for attaining motivation, growth and positivity.

Please click here for more information.

In addition, in partnership between the Stanford Center for Professional Development and SDGC, we are offering the following programs to promote innovation and leadership for sustainable development:

VCUnlocked: Silicon Valley
In partnership with 500 Startups Accelerator, this is an invite-only two-week program for emerging leaders who want to shape the future of the venture capital industry. Together with SCPD, 500 Startups Accelerator built VC Unlocked to share that knowledge and give angels and VCs the confidence they need to make better investments.

Stanford Idea to Market Entrepreneurship Program
This program provides the tools, techniques and real-world expertise you need to make your idea a reality. Guided by Stanford faculty and industry professionals, you'll learn concrete ways to shape, frame, communicate and execute new business ideas all within 10 weeks. You'll get the how-to guidance you need to build momentum and move forward with your idea — and repeat the process for every new idea you have. Upon completion of this program, you will walk away with a market-ready pitch deck that you can present to any stakeholder and potential investor, or to Stanford faculty and Silicon Valley VCs on campus.

Project Leadership Institute
In partnership with the US Department of Energy (DOE), the Project Leadership Institute (PLI) is a program designed to cultivate a diverse network of successful DOE project delivery practitioners—those capable of delivering major high-risk projects. The PLI program participants contribute to building a culture of project management excellence across DOE.

SIDF Business and Leadership Program
In partner with Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF), the program aims to equip professionals from SIDF and SIDF affiliated organizations with advanced business administration skills. An enhanced ability to generate effective strategies and to execute them as per business needs and objectives. Executives participating in the program are immersed within the Silicon Valley mindset and master critical skills such marketing within the new economy, advanced logistics and operations, venture financing, sustainability and financial modeling, effective leadership, managing creativity, innovation and change, organizational design and strategy creation in a digitizing world.

Stanford Lille Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program 
In partnership with the Euratechnologies Innovation Accelerator in Lille, France, this immersive education program provides Silicon Valley best practices to professionals and teams looking to find new markets for existing portfolios or to launch a new product or service.