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Each year, the Stanford Center for Sustainable Development and Global Competitiveness (SDGC) works with academic, industry, governmental, and NGO partners from around the world to enrich the educational experience students around the world.  At SDGC, our research continues to find that creativity, enabled by emerging AI technologies, will be critical to solving global development challenges of climate change, water scarcity, food security, and inequality, among others.  We also recognize that university students around the world are an endless wellspring of innovation and can provide never-before-imagined solutions to our world's greatest challenges when they are provided the right tools.  Therefore, SDGC is excited to partner with Let'sMOD through the SDGC Creativity and AI University Program.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing human life, enhancing sustainability through efficient resource management, and boosting global competitiveness with technological innovation. This transformation is reshaping industries, from healthcare to environmental protection to global sustainability, heralding a new era of progress and efficiency. AI's impact extends beyond mere technological change, fundamentally altering our interaction with the world. The first 100 students of each university around the world can join this early access program on a first-come-first-serve basis to get full access to the invite-only AI tools by filling out this form.

Invitation to Participate

University students are invited to participate in the SDGC “Creativity and AI University Program,” where creativity and artificial intelligence converge to forge immersive 3D experiences, known as MODs, to solve some of the world's greatest challenges.

Leveraging Innovative Technology and Interactive 3D Modelling

The platform of our technology partner, Let'sMOD, is energized by their pioneering Generative MOD AI, integrating technologies from OpenAI, Common Sense Machines, and Let’sMOD. This unique AI platform utilizes quantum mechanics techniques alongside Large Language Models, creating a novel approach to Generative Interactive Experiences.  We think that this will be a unique and highliy valuable experience for university students around the world.  With Let'sMOD, users can craft MODs using a diverse array of intelligent 3D entities — from avatars to enemies and environments to decorations. This collaboration with Let'sMOD's advanced Generative MOD AI fosters an inclusive and dynamic space where users can browse, play, modify, and share their MODs, complete with AI-generated highlight reels for social media.

Program Launch and Access

The program commences on December 18, 2023. It’s an invitation-only initiative, with designated professors at each university empowered to provide early access to the next-generation MOD AI Creator for their students.

Recognizing Creativity

The Let'sMOD Featured MOD Program will regularly celebrate exceptional creativity and skill. We will spotlight MODs that showcase outstanding ingenuity and innovative design, honoring the creators behind these works. Notable MODs will be featured on Let'sMOD's Feed, acknowledged in our community Discord forums, and included in our newsletters. Additionally, the “Most Innovative MODs University” title will be awarded to universities with the most featured MODs, gaining recognition on social media.

Joining the Let'sMOD Community

SDGC and our partners look forward to welcoming university students from around the world to the Let'sMOD community to participate in this program. Join us in pioneering the future of interactive digital experiences. The first 100 students of each university around the world can join this early access program on a first-come-first-serve basis to get full access to the invite-only AI tools to for MOD creation by filling out this form


Q1: What technical resources are required for the program? The program is accessible to anyone with a mobile, laptop, or desktop using Chrome or Safari.

Q2: What does the program structure include?  It focuses on the creative and innovative development of interactive 3D experiences using AI, with resources and materials available on the Let'sMOD Discord.

Q3: How is access to the MOD AI Creator facilitated?  Early access is provided to students invited by their professors, with the first 100 sign-ups from each university being accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis to get full access to the invite-only AI tools to for MOD creation

Q4: How are collaborations within the program encouraged?  All forms of collaboration are allowed and encouraged to foster innovation and creativity. The Let'sMOD Discord server is the main platform for interaction.

Q5: How are MODs evaluated in the Featured MOD Program?  Assessment is based on engagement metrics, such as viewing and playing time by the community. The top MODs are selected based on monthly engagement.

Q6: What additional opportunities are offered to outstanding students?  Featured MODers can influence new entity production and will have their contributions permanently acknowledged in the entity metadata.

Q7: What support is available post-program?  Continuous support and guidance are provided through the Let'sMOD Discord server as the program is ongoing.