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The Center for Sustainable Development and Global Competitiveness (SDGC) at Stanford University engages in research and educational programs that integrate organization development strategies with leadership practices that will ensure organization growth and success within a healthy and sustainable natural environment.

Our Vision

Building competitive advantage in a global economy will require addressing the needs of smart business development and innovation in a rapidly changing business ecosystem, while fulfilling our social and environmental responsibilities and building a longlasting foundation for sustainable development.

Our Mission

We provide a platform for Stanford's research and educational communities to collaborate with affiliated global business community members to promote sustainable development while maintaining economic competitiveness.

Our Goals

  • To promote understanding of the importance of a healthy environment for business success.
  • To promote wide acceptance of business policies and practices that will reduce environmental degradation and enhance economic and social well-being.
  • To establish a collaborative environment that encourages innovative ideas, business models, and governmental structures related to sustainable development.
  • To facilitate rapid commercialization of technologies, techniques, and ideas that support sustainability and are derived from research at Stanford University and elsewhere.