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The Center for Sustainable Development and Global Competitiveness

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We engage in multidisciplinary research and education that advances sustainable practices across multiple cultures, businesses, industries and economies. We strive to learn more about the cross-cultural implications of globalized growth and the implementation of strategies to facilitate sustainably sound progress.

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Our Research

  • Smarter City and Smart Infrastructure Systems
  • Cross-Cultural Learning, Decision Making, and Leadership for Smarter Organizations
  • Sustainable Knowledge Resources and Social Computing
  • Global Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Formation for Sustainable Development and Competitiveness

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Spotlight Announcement

SDGC, in collaboration with International Town Federation (ITF), releases the "Declaration on the Sustainable Development of International Towns and Cities” in January 2020 containing ten formal declarations that address the need for more sustainable urban development of cities and towns globally. The declaration also proposes nine measures that are intended to inspire the participants, serve as a call to action, and bring about real change. The declaration can be found Here.

Recent News

January 18, 2020
International Towns Forum 2020


December 9, 2019
Poland University Rectors Visit


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Jerry Yang & Akiko Yamazaki Environment & Energy Building
473 Via Ortega, Room 254
Stanford, CA 94305
(650) 725-6627