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Adjunct Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Executive Director, SDGC

Jie Wang

Dr. Jie Wang is a Adjunct Professor at Stanford University focusing on interdisciplinary research in adaptive computational learning and reasoning for complex physical and social systems, information and knowledge management for sustainable development and innovation, decision making frameworks for sustainable strategy and business governance, information analytics and knowledge acquisition for new business and industry development, cross-culture and cross-disciplinary knowledge systems, enterprise modeling, enterprise IT infrastructure management, smart infrastructures, smart city and smart society, smart manufacture, computational learning and big data  for social computing and service innovation, and engineering and environmental informatics. He has conducted researches at Stanford, worked at several startups in Silicon Valley, and consulted for multi-international companies including Disney, UBS, First Union Bank (now Wells Fargo Bank), HP, Xerox, NCR, China Bank of Communications, and for government agencies. He also serviced as senior advisors to Sequoia Capital backed Silicon Valley startups. Currently, he is the Executive Director of the Stanford Center for Sustainable Development and Global Competitiveness.


Y2E2, Room 251