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SDGC Long-Term Investing Research Initiative Featured in Pensions & Investments Magazine

P&I Features New Long-Term Investing Research Initiative and SDGC Researcher Dr. Ashby Monk

The launch of a revolutionary Research Initiative on Long-Term Investing that proposes to adopt emerging sensing, data capture, data storage, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capabilities and couple these with high fidelity, physics-based models of infrastructure performance to support short-term and long-term financial risk assessment of long-term assets recently caught the attention of Pensions & Investment Magazine. 

According to Dr. Ashby Monk, who is leading the overall research initiative, "We can think through novel technological tools that can improve outcomes.  Modeling climate, modeling portfolios and everything in between that's kind of related to the needs and challenges of a long-term investor."

One project of the initiative, according to Dr. Monk, is to use data analytics and other technology to translate ESG metrics into financial metrics.  As stated in the P&I article, "the goal is to use technology so investors can 'begin to translate some of these non-financial metrics, which clearly are going to have financial outcomes, into dollars and cents.'"

The full article in Pensions & Investments Magazine can be accessed here.