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The SDGC-Mach49 Collaboration

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Stanford Center for Sustainable Development and Global Competitiveness

At SDGC, we’re interested in what makes some corporations successful innovators, able to continuously reinvent themselves and maintain market dominance. We’re also interested in what makes some startups successful disruptors, able to overtake even the most entrenched monopolies.  By understanding these success stories across many countries and cultures, along with their underlying causal factors, we've been able to develop generalizable theories for innovation within firms that promotes long-term global competitiveness, the ability to leverage modern innovation-based workforces, and sustainable interactions with the world around us. This collaboration with Mach49 is built on the foundations of an ambitious multi-year research program to understand and foster innovation and entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship ecosystems worldwide.



As a leading Silicon Valley innovation hub, Mach49 knows there's an enormous need for innovative new businesses that provide pathways to better futures for communities throughout the world, requiring thousands of new venture builders and investors. Their aim is to accelerate the development of this new venture workforce inside large corporations to drive meaningful growth.

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Working together, this program was created by SDGC and Mach49 for corporates interested in exploring and understanding the practice and theory of innovation.  Bringing together a practical understanding of Silicon Valley innovation from Mach49 with innovation theories and frameworks developed at SDGC, this is an unparalleled opportunity to experience our innovation ecosystem up close and build your strong foundation for sustainable corporate innovation.