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Faculty, University of Exeter

Miying Yang

Miying Yang, Lecturer in Engineering Management at the University of Exeter, joined the CSDGC at Stanford University as a Visiting Scholar in June 2018 to investigate how disruptive technologies and business model innovation can improve sustainability performance in manufacturing firms. 

Miying's research interests include business model innovation for sustainability, servitization/product-service systems and circular economy. She is enthusiastic about bridging the gap between theory and practice by transforming theory into practical tools to solve real problems faced in industries. She has developed the Sustainable Value Analysis Tool (SVAT) to help over 50 companies analyze value uncaptured throughout the product life cycle and to identify opportunities for sustainable value creation. The tool has been used in a large number of case studies in companies in Europe, China and Brazil for various purposes, including consultancy, business education and university education.

Miying is a Lecturer in Engineering Management at the University of Exeter. Prior to this, she obtained her PhD degree at the Institute of Manufacturing (IfM) at the University of Cambridge in 2016. In addition, she has been a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge and Research Fellow at Cranfield University.