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Co-Founder, Arda

Lingyan Li

Ms. Lingyan Li received a MSC in International Marketing Management from University of Leeds, UK in 2003, and received an EMBA in Carey School of Business, ASU, USA in 2014.

She co-founded Arda (Zhejiang) Electric Co. LTD in 2006 and has over 15 years of experience working on new products development applying on innovation and new technology with high efficiency and energy saving. As a co-founder of Arda, she wants the company to continue its growth and success while being a responsible partner with its community and the environment, she leads the effort on researching new “Green Technology” and usage of sustainable materials and designs.

At Stanford University, she will conduct research on green technologies and the application of intelligent technologies in energy saving and in designing better products with life-cycle sustainability assessments.