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Associate Professor, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Chunjie Li

Li Chunjie is an Associate Professor in the School of Environmental Science and Engineering at Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU). He received his PhD degree from Tongji University in March 2001. With sponsorship from the China Scholarship Council (CSC), he will be a CSDGC Visiting Scholar at Stanford University for one year from April 2014.

He served as the Vice Dean for Teaching at SJTU from 2008-2013. He is a member of the IWA, the China Society of Environmental Sciences (Sub-Committee on Water Environment), and the Shanghai Society of Environmental Sciences (Sub-Committee on Water Environment).

Chunjie specializes in water and wastewater treatment engineering. His research interests include biological treatment, ecological engineering technology and membrane technology. His research is funded by the National Water Pollution Control and Management Technology Major Projects, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and various enterprises.