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General Nice

Ailin Chen

Ailin Chen joined the CSDGC at Stanford University as a Strategic Affiliate Visiting Scholar in August 2017 for a one-year visit to conduct research on sustainable urban development with Chinese characteristics.

Ailin currently works for General Nice Group, a strategic affiliate of CSDGC. Her work primarily focuses on improving knowledge-based information management system for making complex decisions in natural resources investment and smart regional development.

During her visit to CSDGC, she will be engaged in research on how to apply the latest research on smart city, smart infrastructure, smart manufacturing and clean energy to China’s current situation, and thus to promote sustainable regional development in China.

Ailin Chen earned an LL.M in Civil and Business Law from the Law Institute of Peking University. Before joining General Nice, she had been working for Chinese government for over fifteen years and she has a deep understanding on the Chinese government’s initiatives on building a green economy.